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Back Care Basics With Barbara Cox, 200 RYT 3 Week Session on Saturdays 2-4pm 10/18-11/1
Pain is magnified and perpetuated by fear. It is, conversely, diminished by calm observation. You will learn a simple practice system to teach you how to help heal your back, restructure your body and cope with stress. This workshop will help you build an awareness of daily activities that may be aggravating your back and help you develop strength and endurance by using sound principles of alignment and correct movement patterns. Students will become more sensitive to the early warning signs of an impending back pain issue and learn techniques to help ward them off. This yoga therapy based workshop differs from other rehabilitative exercise in that it engages the mind body connection in a philosophical and psychological environment that optimizes the potential for healing. Please bring a journal and pen for taking notes to each meeting! Week One – 10/18 Relaxation Techniques – rest and relax your back Week Two – 10/25 Home Base Poses – postural correction Week Three – 11/1 Moving on Poses – gain strength and endurance Download DOC
Yoga Block Party! With Candi Hoffman, 200 Hour RYT Sunday, November 2nd, 2:00-4:00p Gather your friends but leave the casseroles and fruit salads at home – this is a different kind of block party! Yoga blocks are great props during practice, bringing the ground closer when you can’t quite make it there or making your arms a little longer when needed. Did you know that you can also use them for weight resistance and to test your balance. Join Candi for this fun all-levels workshop as we put the term “moving our blockages” to the physical test. Suitable for all levels. Download DOC
Mom & Baby Yoga Late Fall Session! Tuesdays, 11/11-12/15, 11:00-11:45 a.m. We are excited to announce we will be offering a mom and baby yoga session! We are kicking off the session with a FREE class on Tuesday, November 4 from 11-11:45am. A perfect yoga class for moms to come back to their mats with their little ones! A place to reconnect with body, breath and spirit. In this class, mom (or other caregiver) participates with baby and through a blend of creative poses and play will help reinforce important development patterns, body awareness, build strength and flexibility in all areas of the body while both will enjoy the many benefits of yoga. Download DOC
Power of Gratitude: A Healing With Meditation Workshop Saturday, November 15th, 1:00-3:00p Just in time for the holiday season! As we jump into the frenzy of holiday madness, join Purnima in this workshop where we use stillness and easy conscious breathing techniques to scan the body and to shift our energy to an energy field filled with gratitude. Be still. Be present. Learn to do No-thing with a circle of love. Suitable for all levels. Download DOC
Restore and Reiki: Holiday Session Saturday, December 6th, 1:00-3:00p

Join Nancy, Restorative Yoga teacher and Francie, Usui Reiki Master Teacher for this workshop combining the healing benefits of Restorative Yoga and Reiki. You will be guided into passive, fully supported poses held in a relaxed state while receiving Reiki energy healing. Restorative Yoga allows students an opportunity to be nourished and well rested, helping to restore mental and emotional balance. It is a practice appropriate for all levels, utilizing multiple props to release tension in the body.

Reiki is practiced by gently laying on hands and channeling life-force (prana) healing energy through focused intention and intuition. Reiki facilitates healing by converting negative energy to divine love and light in raising the body’s vibration. In this environment, you may find yourself able to release thoughts or ideas that no longer serve you and receive clarity about life choices.

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New Year’s Detox Yoga Workshop With Barbara Cox, 200 RYT Thursday, January 1st, 2:00-4:00 Start the New Year fresh & shining! If you over-indulged or have gone a bit astray from your path over the last few months, give yourself a jump to let go of old weight, old energy, and old emotional patterns. This Yoga Detox Workshop has been specifically designed to rid the body, mind and spirit of accumulated toxins so that we are creating the space to connect with our true divine nature. This workshop is done in a heated room and we will practice:

  • Breathing techniques to help cleanse our physical and energetic body.
  • Meditation techniques to let go of stagnant and unhealthy mental patterns.
  • A strong flow with very specific sequencing to cleanse the internal organs relieving bloating, fatigue, dull/problem skin, anxiety, irritability and other physical ailments due to toxins accumulated through food, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, household chemicals and other environmental toxins.
  • Beginners are welcome, but at least having the experience of a few yoga classes is helpful. Come hydrated and on an empty belly and bring water, a small hand towel and a larger towel….be ready to sweat and get an awesome ab workout!

Ends with a lovely Yoga Nidra to help you relax & restore!

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